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Hotel Reservation And Customer Service Inquiries 

  • Hotelwire is a search engine and does not sell hotels or make hotel reservations. We search all online hotel reservation sites and find you the best priced reservation offer. You then book directly with the website on which we found the best price.
  • Hotelwire is free to use and we do not markup rates or add any extra fees to the results returned by our search engine. 
  • After selecting the preferred deal on Hotelwire, you will be redirected to the website of the hotel supplier to complete your reservation directly on their website.
  • Hotelwire does not keep a record of your reservation and does not have the ability to make or change reservations. We cannot provide any extra hotel information such as telephone numbers or email addresses. 
  • Any questions regarding bookings, amendments or cancellations should be directed to the supplier's website Click here to see our list of Supplier Partners 
  •  Helpful tips to determine on which website your booking took place:Check your credit card statement Check your email confirmation for contact information or the reply to address

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I want to make a booking

HotelWire is a hotel search & hotel rates comparison engine.

We search many hotel reservation sites, to help you find the best priced hotel deals. You then book directly with one of the websites that we searched.

HotelWire is free to use and we do not mark up rates or add any extra fees to the prices we show you.

View a complete list of HotelWire’s partner websites

I want to get in touch with a hotel directley

To get the best and most timely response, we suggest getting in contact with the hotel directly. Emails addressed to individual hotels (or to reservation websites), that are sent to HotelWire will not be forwarded on.

If you have already made a booking using our service, you will need to contact the website on which you made the booking to discuss your reservation.

I can not remember which website I made the booking with

Some helpful tips to determine which website you have used to book your hotel:

Check your email; If you have booked a hotel room online, you will most likely have been sent a confirmation email/receipt. The confirmation email will include your booking information as well as contact details.

Check your credit card statement; If for some reason you did not receive a confirmation email, then your next best option is to check your online credit card statement for a website or company name.

Retrace your steps; Your Internet browser's history may help you determine which website you made your booking with.  Searching HotelWire website again for your hotel may also help you find which website your booking has been made with.

I want to cancel or change my hotel reservation

HotelWire is a hotel price comparison engine and works with multiple partner websites to which you click through to make reservations.

If you have already made a booking using our service, you will need to contact the website on which you made the booking to discuss your reservation.

I have some feedback

We are always happy to hear your feedback, please use this form to send your feedback

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